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Our custumers are our family

We respect the fact that the second most costly possession ( after your home ) transports your most precious cargo and deserves the best.
Therefore,you will come to know the most important purchase you will make at our garage, is the assurance that your safty and your honesty,reliability and expertise will be " no charge " on all visits.
We help and support all US custumer in this area.
Also our custumer in Ansbach ; Bitburg ; K-Town ; Schweinfurt ; Heidelberg ; Gravenwöhr ; Hohnfels ; Ramstein and Garmich.

Glenn R. C. COL , USA

My wife and I have had 3 occasions to use the automobile repair services of Auto Hollmann in Mainz Kostheim , germany. We have been extremely pleased with the custmer service provided from Mr. Frank E. Hollmann,Mr Schippke and Mrs. Proskovia in the main office,and with the workmannship of the employers who did the actuel repairs.
The autos where returned not only extremley repaired,but thoroughly cleaned and detailed inside and out The cost of the repairs seemed to reasenable ain all cases.
If I should ever need automobile damage repairs in the futur, I will consider none other that Mr. Hollmann and his team. I will recommend his service,witout hesitation,to anyone I know seeking such service.

Rebecca S. H Brigadier General ,USA

In recognition of your faithful and efficient service to the 3D COCSOM. Your hard work and tenacious efforts greatly contributed tothe mission success of the command.
Your distinctive accomplishments reflect great credit upon you and the 3rd Corps Support Command.
Thank You !!

Michael A B. SG , USA

In 2005 I comming in this area. I use other bodyshops , before I meet Hollmanns repair facility.The other place give me a hard time , because my car was never fixed correctly.
Mr Hollmann repaired my car , and i was more like happy to know this place. I Had never a problem with this facility. I send all my friend there and everyboby was happy for the best work on cars in this area.He is the best expert for all us cars and very helpful.
He give me written warranty, but i dont must use it , because the job is exellent.

John J. V. COL , USA

Col John J. V. let us Know over his insurance , how he feel about the service he received. Please rate the overall service you received from the repair facillity . = Exellent Please rate the repair facility employees on the following : Completeness of damage report = exellent Courtesy = exellent How quickley he return phone calls = exellent How thoroughly they answered questions = exellent Kept you informed of the repair status = exellent How would you rate the appearance of the repair facility ? = exellent Please respond to the following statements regarding repairs made to your vehicle : Repairs were completed when promised . = YES Repairs to the body of the car were completed correctly. = YES Repairs to the paint were completed correctly. = YES What one thing could the repair facility have done to improve your satisfaction ? = Service was exelent ; Mr Hollmann was extremly helpful

Brian A. Major

Hello, I am writing to ask if you have a battery for a 2008 Chevrolet . I have had my car serviced there before. My name is B A . How much do you charge for this battery. I will have to have someone come in get the battery or bring the vehicle there. I am currently deployed. Hopefully you all will have a record of my vehicle or remember me. i just want to make sure someone in the area has a battery for my truck, i will also need to have it brought in for service again. thank you.

MAJ Brian L.


Thank you for the outstanding support you all provided to 102nd Signal Battalion. Wishing you all and your family a happy and safe Holiday Season.!!!

S-4, 102nd Signal Bn


Dear Hollman,

I just want to send a huge thank you for fixing my car. It looks brand new!!!

Your shop does beautiful work and the service is impeccable. You understand German and American protocols, and have the best knowledge on how to get a job done completely and perfectly.

I am still in awe of how quickly my car was finished. We only dropped it off on Friday; and, it was ready "4" work days later!

I must also compliment your secretary. She is extremely friendly and professional. She was very nice to speak to.

Again, thank you for your incredible service:)

April Miller


Anything that you can do to speed the process thru with the repairs will be
greatly appreciated as I will be leaving Germany either Monday or Tuesday of
next week for the next 6 months.

Thanks again for you outstanding work and professionalism that you and your
team provide.

Mr. Arrington


Letter from customers

I had my BMW repaired at Auto Hollman in Wiesbaden following a collision. I just wanted to let you know that they were excellent. They were professional and kept me informed every step of the way. I am certainly glad that you have them as a USAA recognized repair facility. I have had issues with the BMW dealership (they don't speak English and treat you as a second class customer)in the past. Mr. Hollman and his staff are top notch in my book. I just wanted you to know that you should continue to recommend to your customers.
Matt Rutter

Andrea Marina Vickerie

i , the undersigned have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Auto Hollmann GmbH , of Hochheimerstrasse 111 in 55246 Mainz Kostheim to anyone,at this present time I will personally send anyone that needs help with their vehicle to Mr. Frank E Hollmann.

On a personal note I have found Mr frank Hollmann to be Kind , trustworthy,very professional and a man of his word when it comes to this work.

So i will recommend him to anyone with the highest honor.

Yours truly,

Andrea Vickerie
"I have held many things in my hands, and have lost them all.
But whatever I have placed in God´s hands that I stll possess.

Hey Gregor,

I was thinking in silver should be ok for the grill. I want to get new wheels at some point, so silver on silver would look great. Don't need to paint black.
Thanks for all the great customer service! Your definitely my car shop.
Take care.

-Elwin Kline

Thank you for the outstanding support you all provided to 102nd Signal Battalion. Wishing you all and your family a happy and safe Holiday Season.!!!

S-4, 102nd Signal Bn